DIY homemade modeling paste easy and cheap

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I am very excited because I have been playing around with homemade modeling paste.  It is quite fun to use stencils and slather on some white paste on a collage page and lift off the stencil and see the magical white impressions on the page.  I got this home made recipe from a video by gauchealchemy on you tube.  It works great and it saves soooo much money to make it yourself.  So here is the recipe ( you can also look up the video if you want to see it made)

one air tight container

one part white acrylic paint

one part talc powder baby powder ( $1 at the dollar store)

1/2 part white glue or mod  podge ( this is what I used)  It will end up with the consistency of frosting ( do not eat it lol)

stir a lot ….. put stencil down on heavy…

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This will inform you about the fabulous practice I have recently started called sprouting. What is it? How is it done? Why would you want to do it? I will explain all of this and more. Read on!~

Have you ever eaten any fresh sprouts; such as alfafa and bean sprouts? These are just the ones people seem to be the most familiar with. It is a way to grow your own sprouts such as these and many many more. AND it is so cheap, easy, and fast you won’t believe noone has shown you this before!

First of all it is so much simpler than like 98% of the DIY projects I get roped into trying. This alone makes it a winner in my book!

And no strange chemicals. And so good for you. Healthy and 100% organic!!! Yeah, I know whats in there!!! SPROUTS!!! Is there a down side??? I don’t think so! Read the whole thing through before you start and you will be ready!

People may tell you to get specialized equipment and follow charts and use special additives. Well I have had super success, and even on my very first try I got a great crop of beautiful red bean sprouts and lentil sprouts. I gotta tell ya even my super picky teen son ate one… and kept on asking for another and another. I was over the moon. Yeah!!! My first try!!!

Theres only about 3 or 4 steps, in my opinion that you should focus on. And other than that you just have to figure out how to sprout the ones you like best. What can you sprout in this manner? I think most dry nuts, beans, and seeds. Although I’m not positive. There are charts available all over the web. But again I would say it depends on how long you want to sprout them for the flavor you like. And different sprouts grow at different rates.

Honestly, I just jumped in… and never looked back.

  1. Get a clean Quart sized (at least) jar with a lid. If you dont have a Mason jar with a ring an old pickle or mayo jar will suffice. You will need something porous to cover the jar opening yet still let air in. I have seen a piece of clean screening cut to size. I suppose I can just put pinholes through a Mason jar lid… I used a new paper dishcloth and just cut it to cover the opening and secured it closed with the ring. A layer or 2 of paper towels may work or plastic wrap or ziplock or wax paper with some pinholes for air. Did I mention cheap?
  2. Find and wash and sort your dried beans, nuts, seeds, etc. Rinse them well and sort through removing any rocks or malformed or bad ones. Be sure to do this step, as they can contaminate the developing sprouts. I never got mold but I have heard several others did. Most take a few tablespoons full. I used 1 measuring cup of dried red beans for a full Quart of sprouts in 5 days. I also used a quarter of a cup of lentils on my first try, as I was assured they were fast and super easy. Also I had some.

  3. Put the prepared sproutees into the clean Mason or other jar and cover completely plus 2 or 3 inches of water. Use your regular drinking water, it’s great!!! Put your lid on, again make sure the sproutees will be able to get and expel air… that’s what makes them grow. Soak sproutees overnight, 6 to 8 hours is normal. Yeah it is real hard to do… but hang on!

NOTE: Some people add things to the water here at this stage. I did not. However I may add a few tablespoons of lemon or vinegar to the water in the future if I plan on sprouting things for several weeks. Just mainly to retard the growth of mold.

4.In the morning, don’t remove the lid but just let the water sieve through it, pouring it out, and rinse the sproutees. Rinse several times to be sure they are well rinsed and re-saturated. Then drain the water all back out, leaving the jar with the sproutees, and no water. Place them propped on a downward angle till the evening, out of the sun.

  1. I lied… theres 5 steps. Repeat step 4. Reprop until morning.
  • Again, I’m a liar. Repeat step 4 the next morning.

  • Why do you believe me? I said I am a liar. Step 4 in the evening.

  • Step 4 morning, step 4 evening.

  • Continue. You will see sprouts very quickly.

  • Final rinse after the sprouts are fully developed, leggy and fancy tails, and green new SPROUTS!!! Yes, you did it!!! I know, sweated that one!

  • And thats pretty much it! It costs like 1.50 for a pound of beans. How much is a cup? Maybe 25 cents? How much do alfalfa sprouts cost? UM… more than that. And the amount you get… A quart jar versus a small 4 oz. container… well, I’m over that!

    So what do we do with our new sprouts??? Salads. Snackin. Stir fry… any other things that start with “s” seem to work for me… smoothies and soups and…..

    There are some great charts and further tips, diy’s etc on my Pinterest boards

    Next I want to try soybeans. I saw a great youtube video.


    I’ve Been anxiously awaiting the magical milestone of reaching one thousand followers on my Pinterest account.

    I just love this site. It has so many things… I never get bored or frustrated with it. It is one of the best and easiest websites to use online. It also works fabulously on my tablet PC… BONUS!!!

    As of a few moments ago I almost got there. 


    We wanna have a Pinterest party. Where everything is stuff I have found on Pinterest. I plan on making a crescent braid. It will be so YUMMZ!!!

    UPDATE: YAYYYYyyyyy Got 1,013 as of a moment ago WHOOT WHOOT!!! Thanks guys… I guess everyone likes Pinterest!!! I have such a pinteresting feeling!!! ;)

    PNSN Recent Events | Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

    PNSN Recent Events | Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.

    Thursday May 15, 2014
    Im pretty sure this must be what woke me at 3:30 this morning (or last night) It was freaky.

    My slumber was definately interrupted. At first I didnt know why. But then I felt it. A little shimmy. Then another. Then a longer one which lasted several seconds. It is scary to have naturally occuring phenomena we have absolutely no control over. I wonder if anyone else felt it?

    4 big reasons you look fat in photographs.


    OMG You just have to read this photography post…

    Originally posted on The Haute Girl:

    4 Big Reasons You look FAT in Photographs

    Update: You know how you read buzz feed or something like that and there is this really shocking title, but when you go to read it its nothing about what you thought it was going to be? and it ticks you off? Well this article is not like that, but the title is like that for a reason. It’s what brought you to read this today. I had some unsavory comments about people not liking that I used the word fat, or upset that I would use this word in a negative context. Just to be honest – a man responded to this article saying ” or start working out and don’t be fat ” Ouch. I don’t think anyone wants to be called that, and nor have I been ever called fat as a compliment ( maybe P-H-A-T ;) ) In any event, this article is about looking your most…

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    My second son is living in Nevada with his new young wife and they have been so worried they would not be able to have a child. At least thats what they told me back in 2009 when I went down there for vacation.

    Well they are about 7 months along now and we are all getting so excited. This will be my second “official” grandson. Well that is what they all keep telling me.

    What I mean by that is I have 6 more that are not technically related by blood but so way mine by marraige. And love!!!

    She has asked me to come down and stay for the end at least… and it is so hot there. I’m quite worried for them. The big day is said to be JULY 11th until we get the ultrasound results.

    Hopefully all goes well. Say some prayers for us if you got any! ;)





    There she is hiding up there... 5 stars if you can find her ;)
    There she is hiding up there… 5 stars if you can find her ;)


    Well thats about the size of it…

    No, really… I think it’s true. You see, for awhile when she was young no other cats came around… And then she “blossomed” and overnight there were guys all over the place! Man we had a new guy over here at least once a week.

    Then for awhile there was just one…he was a gorgeous boy too! All fluffy and gunmetal grey. He was so timid though; we think he was abused…


    Well my cat fairly “tolerated” him although truth be told she’s not one to be up for much company… She is a blue-eyed Snowshoe Siamese which is famous for being temperamental. And boy is she ever.. and she don’t even like us…much. Even though I am her so-called favorite…my scratches and various snubs and abuses belie that fact.

    So now when guys come around she knows what to do if she don’t like them. But recently I have had my suspicions that all is not well in the cat world. So I have kept my eyes open. Sure enough there are many new faces wandering around… and some definately don’t wanna take no for an answer. One young boy in particular has my girl hissin at him!!! And thats from upon her queenly perch above us all on her apple tree branch…

    You would think he would get the hint and stay away… but no… Time and time again I chased him away only to see him back later on.

    So now I keep callin my baby and shes a no show.. but not like normal… but for like hours!!! Well so naturally I am worried shes been taken hostage by that boy. Why oh why do girls always go for the bad boys???

    And where do we go to get our kits outta the cat prostitute union??? Hey, has anyone got that number???



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